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En Corps Dance Collective is a group of driven and dedicated dancers seeking growth and opportunity within themselves, and the dance community. The goal of ECDC is to provide training and performance opportunities to members post graduation, working around their busy schedules. Members of ECDC work together through intensive training, and artistic exploration to build their technique and artistry with opportunity to share their talent through teaching and performing. ECDC also works closely with members to create annual original performances. Our non-profit has been providing training and performance opportunities since 1996, with the help of our b​oard members you can find below!

Acceptance into the company is by audition only. Dancers must be over the age of 18 with a strong technical background.

Performance Program
En Corps offers graduated dancers an opportunity to continue performing and expressing themselves. After completing a successful audition, dancers will join the season's cast and rehearse with choreographers to produce a live show! En Corps also offers its cast members smaller projects and classes throughout the year. Check out the "Commitment Info" page for more details!
Tuition fees and fundraising may be required to be a part of the performance.


Meet our Board of Directors!

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