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An adjective meaning "lasting a very short time"

Show Dates:

February 24th & 25th, 2023 @7:45pm


@Brookfield Residential YMCA Theatre at Seton

Meg O'Hearn

Artistic Director


Enjoying life is about appreciating the moment, no matter how big or small. we tend to negate our small victories of personal growth and focus only on the big events. Life is full of these short, fleeting moments that we deem as unimportant. However these small details tend to contribute more to our lives than we give them credit for. Big or small, every experience plays a role in our growth and our journey through life. This show aims to pay homage to our past experiences and appreciate all moments, big or small, happy or sad, that allow us to live this short life to the fullest.

Life is short,
let’s appreciate every moment.

Meet the Cast

20221030 Encorps Dance Shoot VCP 0003_ed

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